From: Jim McLean

Re: It's time to let me show you a proven simple way to get better that is normally just reserved to high paying Students and top touring Professionals. It's called Revolution Golf VIP. This is the only program for better golf designed by the World's best golf instructors… and I want to give it to you for FREE to try out.

Dear Friend,

Have you ever noticed the websites on the internet that are "promising" you they can add 40 or 50 yards to your drives... Or maybe the ones that claim they have the magic pill that will change your game forever?

Here is the real "Truth." If those promises were possible… everybody would be a really good golfer… I'm not saying there are not certain "Secrets" or "instruction" that can help your game quickly… but, the fact of the matter is that you need a coach.

When I say Coach, I mean someone who is there to give you simple, easy to understand instruction on an ongoing basis. Someone you can have on speed dial to answer your questions on all parts of the game that will certainly arise from time to time. Someone who is helping you track your progress and making sure you are not over-complicating the game.

At my Golf Schools we see thousands of students every year and it's the ongoing communication that we have with them that helps them with their progress the most. It's a must.

This is why Revolution Golf has put together this state of the art platform called VIP… This has never been seen before in Golf and is truly the future of Golf learning. It's simple, unique and extremely useful in your path to better golf.

In VIP there is everything you need to to quickly start beating your
friends and start shooting lower scores virtually overnight...

You'll Get Immediate Access To ALL Of The Following Benefits:

VIP Only Training Videos: Get daily members-only coaching videos from myself, as well as my entire staff of teaching Pros. It's important to know "Who taught the teacher". I've learned from some of the top instructors who have ever taught the game... and I've studied the swing (and games) of over 100 tour players. This is the quality of instruction you'll be receiving daily. This is also why Revolution Golf™ members get better so much faster.



Direct Answers From Our Staff Experts To Your Questions: Ask me and any of our other top instructors and experts questions about your game and get personalized feedback right from within the members area. There is nothing better... even over shelling out hundreds for private lessons from an unknown pro. Now you have me and other top rated coaches on speed dial!



Over 300 Archived Daily Video Tips: Hundreds of archived videos that cover every aspect of the golf swing. From setup, to follow-through... and everything in between. If you have a question about a golf shot… we have the answer. Also, keep in mind that all of these video tips follow a proven system. This is not like surfing through thousands of videos on YouTube, by "who knows who".



Interact With Other VIPs From Around The World: Interact with thousands of other VIP members from around the world to get feedback to help improve your game. You might be surprised how many questions are asked by other VIPs, that end up getting just the "answer" that you need. A question that you might not have known to ask. This is the power of our dynamic daily discussions.

Unrestricted Access

For Less Then $0.33 A Day

Unrestricted Access, For Less Then $0.33 A Day: There are THOUSANDS of dollars of top notch instruction, software, and tools available all for less than half the price of a sleeve of premium golf balls.



Special VIP Only Buying Discounts: Get special member-only buying discounts on products and equipment before they are even released to the public. We aren't talking about 10 and 15% discounts here either. You will be shocked at just how big the discounts you will get.

Thousands of Dollars per year.


Access To ALL Of Our Experts Training Products: Access to all of our best selling training products valued at over $800 (Products You Don't Already Own). Tens of thousands of golfers who have seen improvement can't be wrong.



Special VIP-Only Discounts On Golf Schools: Special extreme discount packages on live golf school weekend getaways. Join our experts in amazing locations, and get to play amazing golf courses all while getting some of the best instruction on the planet.

Full Price

$1000 savings per Golf School

Access To The Stroke Analyst Shot Tracking Software: The best way to improve your game is to keep track of it. With our special software we make it easy. Keep track of every round with ease and discover where you need the most help... so you can quickly and easily eliminate your most common faults and lower your scores. You might be surprised what this software will reveal.

$97.00 Annually


Live Monthly Webinars: Live monthly webinars where you can interact with our pros, in a live setting, to get your most burning questions or problems answered. These live web presentations are worth many times the price of admission, but as with everything else on this list, they are included when you become a VIP member.

$600.00 Annually

$1000 savings per Golf School

In this interview, Keegan Bradley talks about the importance of
having me as his personal swing coach.

With Revolution Golf VIP™ you too have the opportunity to
have me as your own Personal Swing Coach.

Make any of these "moves" in your swing and it's going to be next to impossible to play consistent golf and shoot low scores...

Yes this sounds extremely daunting... but it's actually the exact opposite. In this never-before-released series, I simplify the golf swing and break down the 21 mistakes you cannot make. You certainly will not be making all of them, but there is a good chance you are making a couple of them. I typically save these quick tips for my students that spend as much as $5,000.00 for a half day lesson. These secrets alone are well worth the entire year's tuition to VIP.

Here's A Sample Of These Never Before Released Videos:

The Top 21 Death Moves That Most Golfers Make In
Their Golf Swing And What This Is Doing To Their Golf Scores

If you are making the above "Death Move", or any of the 20 others, you are making this game a LOT harder than it needs to be. In taking a look at these sample of these "Death Moves", can you already see a couple moves that are KILLING your swing and your ability to score?

Death Move #2

#2. The Reverse Pivot

This is where your weight goes toward your forward leg on the backswing and then your rear leg on your forward swing.

Death Move #3

#3. Trying to Create Width In Your Backswing

Width in your backswing is good; it's "over-extension" to try to create additional width that is the problem.

Death Move #4

#4. Rolling the Club Over In the Backswing

This is where your hands and arms roll over in the backswing and the clubface points up towards the sky.

Death Move #5

#5. No Hip Turn & No Shift

This is trying to create X-Factor resistance in the lower body - to a "fault". This is your lower body doing "nothing" in your backswing.

Death Move #6

#6. Hooding Or Over Closing the Golf Club

This is where the golfer takes the club back and starts to "hood it" on the way back. This usually combined with the butt of the club getting too far away from the body.

Death Move #7

#7. Wide Open Club Face At the Top

This is typically caused by having a weak left (top hand) on the club and sometimes having both hands in a weak position. This causes the club to be wide up at the top

And There Are 14 More - All Included With VIP!

Join Revolution Golf VIP™ And Get All 21 Of My "Death Move"
Videos, Plus Custom Prescriptions To Eliminate
The Ones That Are Killing Your Scores!

Inside Revolution Golf VIP™ you will get an inside look into my famous Golf Lab that I call my "Super Station". This is where I work with my tour Pros using state of the art video equipment.

As a VIP, I will share with you exactly what I've been working on with students like; Keegan Bradley, Lexi Thompson, Christie Kerr and many other famous players.

This kind of access is normally only available to the wealthy or touring professionals… but as a VIP member, I will pull back the curtain and show you what I work on with them. So you can then take these simple ideas and apply them to your own game.

As I mentioned above, 1/2 day lessons with me are $5,000.00 a day, if you can find an open spot in the schedule. To attend a 4 Day golf school that I'm teaching down at the beautiful Doral Resort in Spa, you had better be ready to shell out $6,500.00 plus hotel and food and travel. Many of our Members have told us they would happily pay $197 a month to have this kind of access to one of the World's top instructors... and my entire staff. So here is the deal; Revolution Golf™ was founded to change the way golf instruction is delivered to people. To revolutionize a game that has traditionally hard to learn and very expensive… and if we are going to achieve our goals, we must make sure you achieve yours. For that simple fact we are not going to charge you $197... not $150 a month... not even $97 a month.

We are certainly aware of the current Global financial times, so we don't even think at $47 a month we could reach all the people we need to. To create a Revolution, we must do something that allows hundreds of thousands to receive these simple, unique secrets of the game, that up till now have only been reserved for Top Players in the World, or the Super Rich. So today we invite you to join Revolution Golf™ for just $14.95 a month… and that's not the final offer. You see, we do not want you to pay the first dime until you take it for a test drive for 2 weeks. Just like any private club you would join, we want you to come on in and take a look around, before committing to joining. So click the "add to cart button" below to begin your totally risk free trial. Oh, by the way... if you decide to pay for the year in one payment, we will slash 30% off the monthly price! Welcome to the Revolution.

Simply Click One Of the Two "Add To Cart" Options Below To Get VIP Access Today!

P.S. Remember, this is a totally risk free offer... you have nothing to lose but strokes.

P.P.S. Also, Yours To Keep As An Added Bonus, You'll Also Receive:

X FACTOR: The original X-Factor Video is a revolutionary learning tool developed by Jim McLean in 1992. At the time, the X-Factor became a world-wide phenomenon explaining the golf swing. The Original X-Factor shows you the correct body movements to produce an efficient golf swing and powerful results. Learn the shift, rotate, throw motion that Jim McLean teaches to his students. Every golfer wants to hit the ball further. That's what The X-Factor is all about!



X FACTOR 2: Jim McLean seen regularly on the Golf Channel, has also appeared on the cover of Golf Digest and Golf Magazine dozens of times. A teaching editor for Golf Digest & Golf Magazine, Jim has worked with over 100 Tour professionals. The X-Factor II is a revised and updated version of the original X-Factor DVD. The X-Factor II features topics like:

  • X-Factor Power Setup
  • Correct Body Motion
  • Body Angles You Can Learn
  • The 4 Turns in the Golf Swing
  • The Y Factor Explained
  • Compression: An All New Concept
  • Watch How the Body Powers Your Golf Swing



I want to make sure you have my complete library of video instruction, so I'm also including my 2 most popular DVD's of all time; X-factor 1 and X-Factor 2. I reference both of these videos in the Building Blocks Approach series that you now own.